Irish Bouzouki

The Irish “flat backed” variety of bouzouki was developed in the 1970’s after players such as Johnny Moynihan and Alec FInn introduced the round back variety into Irish music a decade earlier. The standard tuning is the same as the fiddle and mandolin although player use a range of alternate tunings depending on their playing style. The bouzouki is a versatile instrument that can switch from playing a tune melody to rich chordal accompaniment.

Who you should listen to: Alec Finn (DeDannan), Andy Irvine, Donnal Lunny, Roger Landes, James Fagan, Seanie McGrath, Igor Medio (with Felpeyu), Daoiri Farell, Lius Bingham, Llan dre Cubel, Ye Vagabonds, Fernando Berosso, Tijn Berends, Rodrigo Martinez, Frances Cunningham

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