Scottish Fiddle

Scottish fiddle styles tend to be fast and energetic with a distinctive Scottish snap rhythm. Scottish traditional music has strathspeys, a distinctive type melody and dance usually not found in Irish traditions although a lot of Scottish fiddle playing had a significant influence on the Donegal style where the key of A is more common and Scottish tunes can be found played with slightly less Scottish lilt. Much of the distinctive sound of Scottish fiddling comes from imitating the sounds and ornamentation of Highland bagpipes although many regional styles exist. Shetland, North East, West Coast and Border styles can all be found.

Who you should listen to:

Shetland: Ally Bain, Tom Anderson, Wrigley Sisters, Debbie Scott, Catriona MacDonald.

Scottish Styles: Hector MacAndrew, James Scott Skinner, Angus Grant, Duncan Chisholm, Tom Hughs, Alasdair Fraser, Chris Duncan

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